to the official CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® Cocktail & Long Drink portal!

Learn about the brand, the concepts and products. We develop unique beverage concepts for the hospitality industry.  Our concepts are serving as tools to improving the operating profit of the hospitality industry; Hotels, Restaurant, Bars, Clubs, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Catering and where Cocktails & Long Drinks are served.

We at V.I.P. Drinks Bottling LLC are dedicated to "Green Products".

We solely use in our manufacturing process natural aromas, natural colors and quality raw materials. We do not add preservatives to our products. All our products are 100% made in the U.S.A., part of a 5-star beverage concept.

"God made only water, but we made CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks"

The Beverage Company is the most unique developer and manufacturer of Premium Quality non-alcoholic and alcoholic Cocktail & Long Drink products for the hospitality industry in the United States of America & abroad.

Originated in Germany in the year 1997 by the President & CEO, Uwe Rusch, the product idea was entrepreneurial inspired and later created as a tool for the hospitality industry.

The task: To serve consistently high quality Cocktails & Long Drinks and at the same time increasing the operating profit by decreasing inventory costs, spillage & product theft, noticeable speeding up preparation time and, last but not least, decreasing and controlling the most hurting high labor costs.

CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks ® is an International Registered Trademark.